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Welcome to Tank Technology inc. (TTi)

Tank Technology, Inc. designs and fabricates high quality tanks, porcelain-enameled components, pressure vessels, and heat exchangers. We are also experts at applying porcelain to complex parts such as heat exchangers and tube assemblies.

We take pride in providing:
  • Speed: shortened lead times,
      typically in two weeks
  • Expertise: offering design help
      and manufacturing know-how
  • Flexibility: specializing in small
     to medium run quantities

Our tanks are used in a variety of industries including water heaters, solar tanks, marine heaters and boiler indirect coil tanks. Typical porcelain applications include water tanks, boiler components and tube and coiled heat exchangers, or any applications that require corrosion protection.

We have ASME H, HLW and U certifications as well as a National Board R certification.

We can also provide complete tank assemblies with foam insulation and outer steel jackets, powder coated in custom colors.

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