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Employees of Tank Technology inc.

Tank Technology, Inc. located in Princeton was awarded the 2011 New North Workplace Excellence Award at the New North Summit in Green Bay on December 7th.  New  North is  an organization that fosters collaboration among private and public sector leaders throughout  18 counties in Northeast Wisconsin. Their mission is to harness and promote the regions resources, talents and creativity for the purpose of sustaining and growing the regional economy.

New North makes the yearly award based on several factors. The main award criteria is on "People Practices Driving Business Results."; This involved several factors. The company had to demonstrate initiative to show a definite contribution to the success of business strategies by demonstrating rigor and quality of metrics for the strategies that were implemented. They also had to show  evidence of a positive culture impact and sustainability over time. The largest factor was the employee/stakeholder involvement in the decision making process to achieve improved performance and business results. This was achieved through employee teams involved in process improvement projects, safety teams and capital projects to drive business results.

Tank Technology is a 100% employee-owned company in Princeton, Wisconsin, which produces porcelain enameled water heater tanks, storage tanks, and boiler components for the water heating industry.

To view the winning application, click on www.thenewnorth.com and click on Tank Technolog


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