Storage Tanks

We have the capability to custom build storage tanks to your required specifications. We build water and other types of storage tanks including those used in Geothermal applications.

These tanks can be non-glassed but typically are porcelain coated to insure longevity. Sizes range from 6 gallon to 200 gallon. And we have capabilities for diameters range of 12” to 60”. We also have the capability to build ASME storage tanks under the HLW and U code.

Tanks with a Center Flue

We build porcelain coated center flue tanks used in various water heating applications (i.e hydronic, domestic water heaters). Typical sizes range from 20 gallon up to large commercial center flue models. We use heavier gauge heads, bases and sheet steel to insure longer life for your products.

Solar/Geothermal/Indirect/Marine Tanks

We manufacture a full size range of tanks that utilize a single, dual or triple internal heat exchangers:

  • Solar
  • Geothermal
  • Indirect
  • Marine

Typically, these tanks are used to capture the energy from a heat source such as a boiler, solar system or geothermal heat to generate domestic hot water. Other applications utilizing tanks with internal heat exchangers include connecting domestic hot water sources into radiant heat systems; or in the case of the marine industry, reclaiming engine radiator heat to produce hot water on yachts.

The inner tank and heat exchanger(s) are typically glass lined to protect from corrosion. Tanks can be provided with dual coils and with arrangements to add electric back up resistance heating elements.

We also provide complete tank assemblies with foam insulation and outer steel jackets, powder coated in custom colors.

Heat Exchangers

We build porcelain coated heat exchangers for the solar, geothermal, boiler and marine industries. We work directly with our customers to design heat exchangers that meet the unique needs of your product line.

ASME Products

We are certified under the ASME code H, HLW, and U stamps. We will work with you to develop your ASME supply needs. We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to provide you with a quality, long lasting ASME solution.

National Board Products

R stamp.

Custom Porcelain Enameling

A thin layer of glass (a three frit formulation with cobalt bearing frits, made especially for TTi) is fused to a metal base with extreme heat to improve appearance and to protect the metal surface.

Our glassing operation is processed in a continuous-flow furnace capable of generating 20,000 lbs/hr of product to create a finish that is clean and durable; with lasting beauty. With our Batch Furnace Process, we have the capability to also porcelain enamel castings, and other steel parts or assemblies.


What size tanks do you build?
We build 6″ tanks to much larger sizes.

Do you do ASME repairs?
Yes. Please call us with your request.

Do you do ASME repairs?
Yes. Please call us with your request.

Do you require minimum quantity orders?
No, but we do offer volume discount pricing.

Do you offer finished tanks?

Do you paint the outside of tanks?

Do you offer packaging?

Do you build fuel tanks?

Do you offer replacement parts?

Do you build stainless steel tanks?

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